Crusher Backing

What is Crusher Backing?

Crusher backing is a two-pack product originally designed to replace white metal, which was traditionally used as a shock absorbing material in cone crushing machines.

Korrobond® Crusher Backing 

Korrobond® crusher backing compounds are used for filling cavities between the upper part of crusher and outer jacket and between supporting cone and inner jacket in cone crushers. Also used to fill between the upper part of stand and crusher jaws and supporting cone and inner jacket in gyratory crushers within the quarrying and mining industries.

  • Prolong the life of the machinery whilst protecting against impact and shock vibrations.
  • Proven track record to perform in all types of crushers and climatic conditions
  • Extends equipment life, production with maximum savings on labour. 

Korrobond® Epoxy Crusher Backing

Korrobond® Epoxy crusher backing serves as a backing and reinforcing layer between machine parts and as a damper when subjected to impact and shock loads.

The benefits include:

  • Very high compressive strength
  • 100% Solids, no solvents, minimum shrinkage
  • Easy to mix and pour - no skilled labour required
  • Long established OEM and after market proven product 
  • High impact strength and resilience

See our new installation video here.

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