Crusher Backing Compounds

A global manufacturer and supplier of Korrobond crusher backing compounds and release agent.

Crusher Backing

Crusher backing is a two-pack product originally designed to replace white metal, which was traditionally used as a shock absorbing material in cone crushing machines.

About Us

Korrobond, a brand of ITW Engineered Polymers (EP), represents high quality epoxy and polyurethane crusher backing compounds and release agent.

Korrobond crusher backing are two component products used as shock absorbing compounds in cone crushing machines and extensively within the quarrying and mining industries worldwide. Korrobond products are manufactured to special formulations to produce a tough yet flexible backing of low viscosity, to ensure a free flow into the smallest cavities and contours behind manganese steel plates.

Korrobond® High Performance Epoxy Crusher Backing

Korrobond® Prolongs The Life of Your Machinery

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